11 examples of well-branded packaging design

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11 examples of well-branded packaging design

Creating a consistent and unique packaging design experience empowers your brand to create more memorable customer experiences

We all know the importance of branding.

Your brand experience, and thus your branding, is the sum of all impressions and interactions customers have with your brand.

Everything, from the moment a potential customer sees an unboxing video of your product on YouTube to how you communicate your return and refund policy, impacts the brand experience.

Many managers get preoccupied with equating brand management to aesthetically-pleasing pictures on social media, brand ambassadors and influencers, or the number of followers a brand has. These are relevant aspects of the brand experience, but ultimately, branding is so much more than these things.

For example, take a moment to consider the role that branding plays for the first physical touchpoint that an e-commerce brand has with its customer: i.e, packaging.

A critical component to ensuring your brand’s packaging is memorable lay within the impact of brand consistency. You want your brand’s content to be consistent across all touchpoints — so no matter where your customers encounter your brand, be it in-person,

But what does good, memorable and consistent packaging design look like? How do you imbue your unique brand experience onto physical packaging?

Well, take note from these inspiring brands!

11 brands with consistent brand experiences and packaging design

It’s easy to look at brands like Nike and Apple, or unicorns like Dollar Shave Club and Warby Parker and think to yourself, “that’s just what they do!”\


But it’s not just what companies, like the ones listed above, do. It’s because their teams know the importance behind consistent brand experiences and how packaging design is a direct reflection of that.

It’s worth noting that most of these large companies and organizations likely have an entire team dedicated to packaging design, or in the very least the work is outsourced. So, if you’re a small business owner, what are you supposed to do? How do you create consistent brand experiences through your packaging design…without running yourself ragged?

In this article, I’ll — your fearless writer Phil — showcase some smaller and medium-sized e-commerce brands, D2C brands and retail brands that have nailed their packaging design. Regardless of whether or not you’ve heard of any of these brands, it’s time to grab a pen and paper and dive into what makes these brands memorable.

Concrete Jungle

Concrete Jungle is a direct-to-consumer, German brand that sells women’s jewelry. As the name suggests, Concrete Jungle uses concrete as the main ingredient. Now, the thought of a rough, cold and lifeless material such as concrete being used in a product that’s delicate and subtle fine jewelry surely couldn’t work, could it?

Well, with the right branding, Concrete Jungle has managed to make it work perfectly.


Design choices and brand consistencies worth noting:

  • The black background complements the grey color and cold texture of concrete.
  • The leafy green plants provide a more natural “jungle” element for contrast.
  • The result is a grey, black and dark green color palette that makes the rose gold, yellow gold and silver of the jewelry stand out.

What’s to love about the packaging?

Concrete Jungle’s brand experience is consistent across all packaging and digital touchpoints.


Much of the color palette remains the same but thoughtfully reimagined into new textures. For instance:

  • Rough surface of the deep black wood shavings
  • Smooth green on the box’s internal print
  • Subtle indentations of the gold hot stamping on the product boxes

Concrete Jungle is a mix of textures — rough, cold concrete used in delicate women’s jewelry – and their custom box design complements that eclectic mix of textures.


Source: 11 examples of well-branded packaging design

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