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About “Right Hand Indonesia”

RIGHT HAND is an ideation company for a greater marketing performance. As an ideation company, Right Hand must become the creative led, a new model IMC agency with the skills, structure and attitude to help clients & brands thrive in the digital age. RIGHT HAND relocates brand messages from traditional advertising to DMSA (digital/mobile/social/activation) solutions that works more for the fierce of competition today. RIGHT HAND is in the business of building and servicing the brand fans. By whatever digital, mobile, social media and consumer activation is the right solution for our clients simultaneously also for all consumers of our clients.

The growth of digital advertising, mobile advertising, social media and branded content is gaining pace. With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and digital media in general, every brand has become a publisher, and thereby a content creator. And plug-ins with RIGHT HAND’s content creativity, it’s not just an exciting new avenue for brands to explore, but a necessary one to stay competitive. Indonesians are entertainment eaters. Entertainment and News are rising their game in the customer insight – as constant digital innovation becomes the new currency to operate. We will inspire brands to facilitates the creation of inspiring, educational and entertaining content from music to comedy to documentaries to news to games. It also allows people with a talent, mission or creative idea to realize their ambitions, and by viral touch more people.

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