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Ngoffee Documentary Series first episode is now airing on YouTube and Facebook

The first episode of Ngoffee, the documentary series on Indonesia Coffee Culture is now available on YouTube and Facebook. The episode titled “Perempuan dan Bisnis Kopi” is part of 13 series that the author and producer, Herwinto Chandra Sutantyo has decided to locally produced and materially source all of industry player for an engaging and entertaining documentary film.

The concept is to introduce the current trends and factual information of Indonesian coffee industry; the pros, the cons, the good and the bad from its stake holders, from farmers to cafe business owners.

Hosted by Rima Ris, the conversation will be lively and not to news nor too documentary either. “It’s fun and should be entertaining since the hype surrounding coffee business started by community that were mingling over coffee, it can get serious but the tone is entertainment.” quipped Herwinto.

Watch the trailer below

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