Rebooting Ngoffee documentary series

After almost a year since we hold off the production of Ngoffee, a web documentary series on Indonesia coffee culture, in 2021 we decided to reboot the series with new adaptation. The first episode kicked off with a new list of episode sub-titled “Instagram Sampling”. This is where we scan through Instagram posts consisting of hang out places in and around Indonesia that serve good coffee as well as giving good vibes and offer a unique ambience. Introducing Omah Kopi 78, a unique hang out place suitable for families and those wishing to relax amidst the lush surrounding, good food, affordable price and great coffee. The location is somewhat not easy to reach and can get pretty humid on a hot day. Nevertheless, the relaxing aura and eclectic decors, great fast service should keep you at ease and make you want to return. Watch the reboot Ngoffee first episode in 2021 below.

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